Bpsc Foundation Batch prelims+mains

New Batch Name: Bpsc Foundation Batch prelims+mains

Admission From: 01/03/2024 Admission Till: 31/03/2024 Batch Start Date: 01/04/2024 Batch End Date: 30/04/2024 Course Duration: 12 months
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jayoti vidya

All Subjects up to 10

About This Batch:

अच्छा बीपीएससी फाउंडेशन कोर्स के अंदर। सारी विषयों को पढ़ाया जाएगा। जो अनिवार्य विषय है।


This Batch is for Class / Classes:
 This Batch is for Board:
Batch Timing & Course Duration:
12 months
Subjects Covered in this Batch:
City: Patna
Who Can Apply For This Course: Anyone who passed XII
Whether Study Material Provided?–
Entrance Exam Required or Not?: Required
Days of Teaching:
Mode of Teaching: Live or online Classes | Offline classes | Recorded Classes 
Language of Teaching: Bilingual | English | Hindi 
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