Tibetan Refugee Market

Right in the heart of Bodh Gaya city of Bihar lies a beautiful shopping market, which is popularly known as Tibetan Refugee Market of Bodhgaya. The Tibetan refugee market is quite famous among the locals and travelers, as they can get knickknacks along with some exotic Tibetan and Chinese foods at the foods stalls here in the market. Right from budget products to expensive items, one can get complete solutions for fashion and lifestyle at this market.

It Is Famous For
Bodh Gaya holds a religious importance for the followers of Buddhism and other religions too. Here in the city, Lord Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. Being one of the four pilgrimage sites, Bodh Gaya has been frequented by the followers of Buddhism from across the globe. Best Time to Visit
The season during October to March remains pleasant and it attracts the maximum number of visitors from the nation as well as abroad. The temperature ranges between 25 to 35 Degree Celsius, which is neither too hot nor too cold. Nearest Airport – Gaya Airport
Nearest Railway Station – Gaya Junction
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