Muchalindia lake​

Named after the king of the serpents, Muchalinda, it is a beautiful lake located next to the sacred shrine of Mahabodhi Temple. The lake is also known by the name of Lotus Pond and houses an idol of Buddha in a meditating position. People visit Muchalinda Lake on a huge scale, especially the Buddhist Monks for meditation.

Why Is It Famous?

1) According to a historical context, Buddha chose Muchalinda Lake for meditation.
2) While he was in deep meditation, a storm broke out due to which Buddha wasn’t comfortable.
3) Sensing his discomfort, Muchalinda, the king of serpents, came out from his abode and coiled around Buddha while protecting him for discomfort under his hood.
4) A statue depicting the same scene is installed in the middle of the lake. Also, there are many fishes in the lake that can be fed with the puffed rice.

Best Time To Visit:-

Muchalinda Lake can be visited during morning and evening when the shrine of Mahabodhi is open to the devotees. People offer the puffed rice to the fishes inside the pond. The temple authorities do not allow anyone to offer coins or any other food item in the pond.

Nearest Railway Station – Gaya Junction Railway Station

Nearest Airport – Gaya Airport

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