Indosan Nippon Japanes

Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple is a famous Buddhist Monastery in India. This amazing temple stands in Bodh Gaya (Bihar) and has Lord Buddha as its presiding god. Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple is a perfect example of the Japanese architectural beauty. It was constructed in 1972 by the funds donated by the govt. of Japan. A huge number of devotees flock to this Japanese Temple and seek the blessings of Buddha.

It Is Known For

1) Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple is a Japanese Monastery in Bodh Gaya
2) It was built by the funds raised and donated by the Japanese govt. in 1972 for promoting Buddhism in India
3) The monastery is popular for its wooden Japanese architecture
4) The sanctum houses the idol of Lord Buddha. Devotees worship the idol on a daily basis
5) The paintings depicting the incidents from the life of Buddha can be seen in this temple
6) The monks celebrate all Buddhist festivals enthusiastically

Best Time To Visit

There’s no special time for visiting Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple. This place attracts visitors and pilgrims alike. Thus, every day is appropriate to visit the holy place. To witness the real beauty and serenity, one should visit this Japanese Temple on the occasion of Buddha’s birth and enlightenment anniversary.

Watch Out

Do not forget visiting the nearby area. In the previous times, this area was the place where Buddha used to feed the birds. Devotees often visit here to feed the birds.

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